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I’ll do you a deal. I understand that for you to get the most value from this course you must exchange *something* for it. It doesn’t have to be much but there must be some value exchange – so here’s what I’m thinking…Can you help me get the word out? Just follow the 3 steps below and I’ll give you a free copy in exchange.

#1. Share this website with anyone you think will get some value from it. You can Tweet it, Facebook it, Google Plus it, email your friends, post a link to it from your site… or whatever else you can think of. Just share it in at least 2 different methods.

#2. Email us at www.davesupports.com letting us know the 2 things you did to share it and we’ll email you a special coupon to get it for free.

#3. The last thing is, once you have read the report and watched the video, please come back and post a comment.

That’s it! Thanks again for any help you can provide and either way I hope you take up the offer.

Dave with Tim Reid

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